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Stunning beauty

These guppy pair are so gorgeous and I think dumbo fin is so cute. Both my husband and 6 years old son enjoy watching them as well. The pair arrived healthy and active and had no issue with DOA. Package was well packed and arrived on time.Shipping fee is reasonable and customer service was great. I would love to come back order another strain of guppy from Twin Cities Guppy.


Best guppies!

Richard Marshall
Santa Dumbo

They are beautiful guppy’s. Best quality I’ve found. Thanks again

Dumbo Santa, what isn't to love?

Well fed and well packaged. I love the dumbo fins on the male. The videos and pictures were very accurate. This was a first purchase and I will not hesitate to order again.

Deborah Jeanne
The online picture does not do these fish justice!

These guppies are stunningly beautiful. The male has a black and white body with blue highlights and his tail is a striking reddish-orange, trimmed in light blue. The female has a dark gray body that becomes black at her tail, her fins are light blue and her tail is light blue and light orange. They arrived in perfect condition, water was clean, the hot pack was still warm, in fact it’s still warm today, 24 hours after they arrived. They’ve added a splash of color to what’s becoming my “all guppy tank”. I can’t say enough about Twin City Guppies. I’ve discovered the hard way that buying fish online is not always a positive experience, however, I can always count on Twin Cities to send beautiful, healthy fish with the greatest of care. For a fish so small, they provide a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction. I look forward to buying more guppies from Twin Cities in the very near future.