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Jana Snyder

Beautiful healthy fish!

Ralph Mosc
Albino blue tail

The tail is not blue

Hello Ralph,
We are sorry to hear that your fish came in not as you had expected.  The Albino Blue Tail Guppy should have a blue tail.  If you could please send a picture of the fish you received to our email:, so we can confirm if you were sent the correct fish.  If the wrong fish were shipped out, we are more than happy to resolve the issue. 
-Twin Cities Guppies

Adam Berry
Great Fish!

Nice healthy fish super active/healthy and friendly/playful with their medaka tankmates. The male has great coloring which pops with my planted tank and am looking forward to trying my hand at line breeding them

Eva & Evan Torczyner
A very satisfied hobbyist

I have been a hobbyist for more that 60 years. For the last 15 years I have been purchasing guppies both from retail outfits and via the internet. These are by far the finest guppies I have purchased
I am very satisfied.


steve ferguson
Blue Topaz are jewels !!

My trio of Blue Topaz have been in the tank (37 gal) for just over an hour.. Color coming up nicely. The male is already doing what males do.. they seem to have arrived fairly stress free and in ONLY 2 days!! Just returning to the hobby after a few years. The Topaz are a GREAT 1st addition..