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Beautiful pair of guppies

These guppies are absolutely gorgeous! Even though the post office misdirected them to a different county and it was 4 days from the day they were sent before I received them, the heat pack was still warm, the guppies were alive, healthy, in excellent condition, and the water was clean and crystal clear. It didn’t take long for them to adapt to their new home. The female has more color than is generally found on regular guppies, making it super easy to identify the strain. Even with aquarium lights off, the male’s tail still shimmers that gorgeous blue in natural light. Both blue tails actually match the blue of my living room walls! I’m looking forward to ordering more beautiful guppies from Twin Cities Guppies. Thank you, Keng!

Great customer service

My pair arrived with my other guppy’s but the female blue tail was dead. I emailed you and you got right back to me and sent a beautiful replacement. Thanks again for your fast response.

Albino blue tails and Dumbo dragons

The fish arrived as promised, all in good health. One Dumbo dragons bag was ripped and he just had a little water. However, he along with all the others are happy and healthy and swimming contently in their new home. I am totally satisfied, and would recommend twin cities to anyone. He even agreed to hold the fish an extra week so i could get my tank totally ready. 10+ stars.👍

Beautiful, healthy fish

This is my second set of albinos from Twin Cities Guppies. Absolutely beautiful fish and very healthy and friendly. Couldn’t ask for more.