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Eva & Evan Torczyner

The Red Albino Guppies were beautiful and large and well conditioned. One of the females was gravid and gave birth to 23 fry a week later.
Really magnificent guppies

Diana Redfern

Perfectly shipped per usual. Guppies were healthy and eating right away. It’s been a couple of weeks and I’m now rescuing fry from gluttonous mothers!

Neal Berger
High Quality Fish

Arrived safely and in good condition, very high quality fish!

Beyond My Wildest Expectations

These are some of the most beautiful guppies I have ever seen. As I get back into the hobby after decades hiatus guppies have become my favorite fish. Of all the guppies i've seen in all the stores i've been to these are by far the most superior. They arrived completely healthy individually packaged in their own bag with no debris in the bag. Great care was taken in the packaging of these prized fish. The male is a bit smaller with beautiful flowing fins. He is almost completely red with a hint of the albino white. The females are mostly white bodies with a hint of red and beautiful red flowing fins. Both females appear to be pregnant and one seems to be ready to give birth any day. They have been in a tank with 11 fry of a different strain for days and have showed no interest in eating the fry whatsoever. These fish have a very calm demeanor and are a slight bit skittish. I recommend keeping them in groups of at least 6 guppies for them to be more comfortable and display more natural behaviors. The more guppies you have the less anxiety these fish will have and behave more naturally. Please make sure your tank is FULLY cycled to avoid any complications while receiving these fish. They arrived at my door looking way healthier than most guppies i have seen in any store. They prefer a higher Ph around 7.8 and a little salt in the water. I use about a tablespoon of aquarium salt per 10 gallons of water. Please refer to Twin City Guppies for the best water parameters to keep these fish. Ultimately these fish are gorgeous you will be completely satisfied. Do not hesitate. If you keep these fish happy they will almost certainly provide you with fry (baby fish) that you can raise up and keep or sell to your local fish shop. Nobody is going to turn these fish down trust me.

Raymond Smith
Albino Full Red trio

The above mentioned trio are beautiful and they arrived in excellent condition. The picture on the website were exactly how they looked.