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Christopher Resecker
Amazing guppies!

Bought the community pack and guppies arrived nice and healthy! One of the females gave birth to fry after the 3rd day of receiving my guppies.

Ron Shirmulis
Twin City Guppies - Xmas Package

The guppies I received are beautiful and wish I was living closer to the store; I'd be a loyal customer!!!! Only recommendations I suggest is when you're shipping fish during this time of year to make the shipment "overnight" rather than 2 day delivery...... the first batch of guppies I received were all DOA. Pass the delivery charge to the customer; the quality of the fish are worth the overnight cost!!!!

Greatest guppies I’ve ever had!

I received my order of 5 guppies after a long trip due to my very rural remote location. The fish all showed up individually bagged with a heat packet in the box, and were all very healthy. I had no idea how high of quality the fish would be and I was stunned when I saw them. What amazing fish. They have all survived and the females are about to drop fry. This is my first order from Twin Cities Guppies, but I will definitely order again.

Sam Ward
Beautiful Fish

Everything was as described. They shipped quickly, and were packaged professionally. The fish colored up after about 12 hours, and they are absolutely beautiful. Very unique color patterns, and huge tails.

1 DOA out of 10. Customer service was on it right away.

One male was DOA and one female was laying on her side during acclimation. I reported both promptly and was given a credit back for both. Surprisingly, after a 3 hour slow drip acclimation and spending 2 days in isolation with her head down and tail straight up, she recovered, mostly. (Guppies are amazing critters!) She's heavily pregnant and I imagine this will be her last birthing.

I came here looking for designer guppies without the designer price since they are going to interbreed in a community tank. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. They might be considered sub par for the breeding pairs and trios, but they are still magnificently colored and patterned. Most of the fish are fully grown adults and most of the females arrived pregnant so lots more color is on its way! I'm not sure I'll need more guppies but if I do, I'll certainly return here.