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Sam Mitchell
Look great

Lost one female after a week?

Shannon H.
Gold Trio Guppies are Stunning

Twin Cities Guppies provided healthy and vibrant fish, and I appreciate their attention to breeding and shipping quality specimens. Each were individually bagged. Upon arrival, they acclimated well and quickly began exploring their new environment. Their energy and curiosity are enjoyable to observe. I'm sure to have lots of little nuggets swimming around soon.

Beth Kennedy
Happy with my order

My full gold trio shipped Monday and arrived on Tuesday at noon. They were very lively and healthy. The females are huge and just as pretty as the male who is a bit smaller. I think their soft coloring adds a beautiful sophisticated look to the tank. It is interesting to me that they seem to "school" together. I don't know if this will continue or if it is just how they are adjusting to the new environment. The females are very shy still and do hide in the plants. They stay together, and the male follows them where ever they go of course. Their only tank mates are amano shrimp and nerite snails, so they rule the tank. They just don't know it yet. Fins are all in excellent condition, and I think the females are pregnant. I do wish there was a cheaper shipping option, since I think $50 overnight is not always necessary. Other than that I have no suggestions for TCG. They really have this down to an art.

Nicholas Nguyen
Amazing fish

All survived shipment, they are thriving as well. No diseases or bad fins, they're eating and now i have a ton of babies. Now to get those babies to adulthood...


The females are so colorful! More than half of the girls’ body scales have a lovely yellow color, not just their fins. The male I received is more white — maybe a butter yellow, with gold on his face and pectoral fins. Still quite nice, as that off-white color really pops against my plants.

I’ve had them 4 days, and they’ve been active with no signs of disease yet. One female arrived with fry in her bag, so I’ve currently got 19 fish in my quarantine tank, not just the three I paid for.