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steve ferguson
mystery ????

I purchased 10 snail pkg. actually had a couple extra. Colors and size vary. As soon as I placed them in my tank, It was off to the races for most. I noticed 4 were not moving. In the morning I noticed one was floating around that tank. Maybe , half hour later he was climbing on the glass. Well over 24 hrs. 2 more started exploring. 36 hrs. in the tank 10 of 12 have eaten algae wafers. one is moving somewhat. the other the smallest of the batch. Seems to have moved a little. But, I haven't seen it. May have been bumped or nudge by a larger buddy. All in all pleased. Maybe, the last one will come around..

Alex de Maar
Excellent quality and service

I bought two fish and 10 snails for my son’s 5 birthday
One fish was DOA on arrival. I sent a photo and the was no problem with send a replacement. My son is thrilled with his fish and snails. We recommend twin cities guppy.

Natalie Mills
Great snails

I love the variety and price of the snails thank you

Brandon Thach
Beautiful Mystery snails.

All my mystery snails came alive. Excellent customer service and quick shipping. They all came alive. Will definitely buying from Twin cities guppies again.

Cheryl Carman
Awesome Snails

I received them, all alive. It has been almost a week and they are all moving and cleaning, very healthy and active. I can even tell they are growing. I would order from this seller again. Saving for future ordering.