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Nicholas Alicea
Great service

Thank you everything was perfect my Order come quick and they look amazing !!!


Dumbo Red Mosaic PAIR

Sean M.
Excellent Quality All Around

This was my first time ordering fish online and first time with fancy guppies. The whole experience with Twin Cities was excellent. The package was well packed and arrived a day sooner than I expected. The post office had me come in and pick up the package from them, so if you're working regular hours you might have some difficulty with that. Fortunately, I was flexible. The fish were in great shape when I opened the box, and they immediately took to my water well. They've successfully made it through my first week of quarantine without missing a bea, and are just all around healthy fish.

The Dumbo Red Mosaics are gorgeous. The male is pretty as shown in the picture. The female is surprisingly stunning too. She has this blue-green metallic sheen on her fins, making her quite distinct from the male while still fun to look at. Don't worry, she still has the red mosaic pattern, and I'm sure she'll breed true. Gorgeous fish, all my friends and family agree they're the prettiest fish I've ever kept. Looking forward to fry.

Great Line

Great looking guppies

Jonathan Braessler
Beautiful Guppies

I also heard about these guppies through Cory’s videos at aquarium co-op and through my local club. These are amazing. I will be ordering more